Sledding with the Kindygarteners

Cole's kindy-garten class went tubing today for a field trip and I was one of the tag-along parents.. instead of being a good supervisor and making sure the kids didn't run into trees, I just pulled out my camera and enjoyed myself. I love this age! I think if we could freeze our kids at age 5, it would be heaven. They are old enough to have great conversations with, they can come with us to movies and the store and actually be enjoyable and they appreciate us, yet they are still innocent to everything. I could squeeze them all! We had a blast!

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A & R said...

I TOTALLY and completely agree that 5 is the best age! I've been thinking about this for a few weeks now. I really don't want them to get any older, with all that comes with it. Jaxon's kindygarten class did the sledding day last friday, how fun!