Stef and boys..

This lovely gal is Stef, who has been a friend of mine for years. Her mother hired me as one of five employees at For Every Body, where I worked as secretary, customer service rep, photographer, designer, label maker, marketing director, salesman and nanny. :) I love her family and have so many "For Every Body" memories. I remember even "babysitting" Stef at one point while her parents were in China. (She was a senior in high school :) By the way, Stef is single.. so if there are any super decent guys out there, let me know.. Stef brought her friend Rami and her daughter Keana with them for a few shots.


AzĂșcar said...

Get out! I totally know Rami! I worked with her for four years! I remember when Keana was born, she's just the tiniest little thing. Those pictures are so cute.

AmandaA said...

How cute are her boys! They are getting so big. I havent seen Stef for years. Ahhh the days at the FEB, they seem like forever ago.

Meri, Nate and Solee said...

HEY it's STEF! We went to High school together!