Christmas Cards

Below are the '07 Christmas Cards I will be offering this Holiday. I absolutely LOVE these cards! They are so cute printed!! Thanks to my cute *sample card* families!
5x7 cards printed on top '0 the line pro photo paper
$2.00 ea. with a minimum order of 25 cards
Envelopes included
Custom text available.. you can say what YOU want!
Orders must be placed by Dec. 5th to guarantee Christmas delivery.. No orders will be taken after the 5th.. sorry.. (I like to enjoy my holidays.)


more caffeine, please said...

Okay, those are simply delightful. I need to book you to take our family's picture in November. Yes/No?

lisa v. clark said...

Those are great! You are so talented!

c jane said...

Do you have less than 75 people in your family? If not, your chances are good.

Haley's Personal Secretary,

Lindsey Bornes said...

Haley,B-E-A-Utiful christmas cards I especially love the first one!! You are so so talented!
Lindsey B.

Lindsey Lee said...

I would like to place my order already...wait, i have no family picture! Lets do some soon! Sheesh!

Haley said...

Jaimes, Let's do it! I like families that do have less than 75 members, (Courtney) - :)
Lindsey Bornes - your fam wins most beautiful award and Lindsey Lee - please call and arrange your photo session with my personal secretary. ;)

Heather & Ryan konold said...

hello Haley, those christmas cards are sooo cute.. we miss you guys. Let's hang out sometime SOON!!! Keep in touch!