Happy Big 3 Will!

Will's 3rd birthday has come and gone like a flash.. and I don't think he has any memory of that day (Sat) - He threw up right when his party was starting.. so Aaron put him in the tub, then his bed and he fell asleep within 30 seconds. We went ahead and had the party without him.. the food, the cake. I don't even think he saw his birthday cake. I know he didn't eat any of it. So after about an hour, we woke him up and MADE him come out to open presents. Doesn't he look thrilled? :) Poor guy, every year he is sick on his bday. His first bday, he had ghiardia and last year I think he had the flu. Good times. Happy Birthday anyways Willie!


c jane said...

i will never complain about my bad birthdays ever again.

happy 3 Will!

more caffeine, please said...

Yay for Will turning 3! Sad for Will's party! I missed not seeing you guys - things got pretty hectic (as usual with so much family to see). Love the haircut by the way. :-)