This past weekend was filled with sand, heat, chips, more sand, fly larvae, more heat and a few tube rides. We went down to Sand Hollow with the fam for a little boating... My brother Blake tells us the night before we were set to go boating that he heard there was fly larvae in the lake that burrows in your skin and makes you itchy and nauseous. Great. Let's cancel the trip.. not so fast! We were troopers and braved the fly larvae infested waters.. guess what? No itchy skin and no nausea. The weekend was lovely. Me like chips

CAUTION: Eating too many Lays Chips may cause severe drowsiness

The OFFICIAL flagger of the trip, seriously.


Hillary said...

Haley-- How fun to see your darling blog. I didn't realize you were such a great photographer. I often look for you at storytime. Keep posting. Hillary

more caffeine, please said...

So fun! Boating with the Hensons = fun times.