MILLIE 'N ME: On the Floor

You know those days where you just want to lay on the floor and let the kids do WHATEVER and hope for the best? Well, the boys went downstairs and Millie and I chilled upstairs... My camera was out and so what the heck, let's snap a few.

p.s. the boys played nice, no disasters, no fights, just a few smashed lucky charms in the carpet.


Lindsey Lee said...

How bout that smile...its it the cutest thing you have ever seen? Oh boy, im glad i am related to that ball o' sunshine. Library this week?

more caffeine, please said...

She is the cutest. CUTEST.

Bek said...

She looks like she is a tiny and petite little lady, is she? She just seems diminutive and sweet (and I adore the bow on top of her head...).

Chelsea Anne said...

She is so petite and darling. I think she looks a lot like Owen.

I like the makeovers too. Thanks for ideas!