The REASONS for the Season...

Happy, Happy, Happy Children ready for all the excitement and sugar at Christmastime

The mess, stomach aches, glue and smiles that Gingerbread Houses create.

How happy Bo and Taz are to receive all the leftover ham, turkey, stuffing, gingerbread house scraps and mashed potatoes.

Watching small hands discover the magical things that we discovered as kids

Spending much needed quality time with our FABULOUS families and friends

And of course, the greatest and most important reason for this season, is remembering the birth of our Savior and teaching our children about that special night long ago.


Bek said...


more caffeine, please said...

Love it.

And, because you need to come visit me up here, let me tell you about the new gluten-free store that opened right next to my neighborhood. Let's add that to that great list of yours. :-)

c jane said...

I wish I was a kid at your house.